Care to Run this Blog?


As you’ve all probably noticed, myself and the co-runner of this blog are not around as much. As we have over 8,000 followers, we don’t want to just delete the blog because you’re obviously still here even with our turtle speed. We’d love to have at least 2 people running the blog as we have such a high volume of followers. We also wanted to say thank you so much for following and we’re sorry we weren’t able to keep this blog up. We hope to put it in better hands. 

The requirements are:

  • An active Tumblrer who is a fan of PLL (posts at least once a week and at least one of your weekly post is PLL related).
  • A reblogger of PLL pieces (self explanatory).
  • A creator of original HQ art (we posted a lot of original work we edited ourselves in Photoshop, which is how this blog became popular, so we want to keep that going!)

So, just send us a message stating you’re interested. We’ll review your blog and make a decision hopefully before the end of November. Any questions? Ask away! 

Once more, we thank you for following us! We promise to hand the blog over to capable PLLers so we hope you stay loyal :). <3

People aren’t dolls. You can’t just play with them and put them back in the box when you’re done.


Ashley Benson | Nylon Magazine - May 2013


Ashley Benson & Tyler Blackburn